LFF Definition


This second phase of the Bernier Personal Brand Building process shifts your focus from the “who am I” question to proactively determining how you want to show up and who you want to be. This is not about building facades but specifically focused more on being your most authentic self, considering what part or parts of yourself you want to exude consistently in the interactions you have with others. Remember, personal branding is all about building a reputation.

Some reflections questions to consider are:

1-What is the reputation you want to build?
2-How would you like to “show up” when interacting with others?
3-What may be currently limiting you from meeting your own self-definition goals?

It’s during this phase that I do a lot of visioning exercises. Interested in trying one for now? Jump right in! Imagine: You’ve been nominated and selected by your friends and family to speak at your high school as an alum. Graduation is two weeks away and the school administration has asked that you submit a bio that will be included in the commencement program and used to introduce you right before you speak. Based on how you want to show up, what do you hear them sharing about you?


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