LFF Discovery


The foundation of Living Fabulously Fierce is personal branding, the process through which one intentionally develops and maintains how others experience them.  Essentially, a personal brand is:

The reputation of an individual that keeps them top of mind for those in their networks and positions them as the main point of influence as it relates to any area of expertise in which they’ve built credibility!

In a world of social media overload, you are creating your reputation on a daily basis and thereby, actively, but maybe not intentionally building your personal brand.  That being the case, why not be intentional about it? Through the Bernier Brand Building Model of personal brand building, we coach you through the personal branding process of self-discovery, self-definition, and self-distinction.


This is really all about engaging in some personal research into who you are. This phase involves two steps:

1-Looking inward and answering some questions…honestly.  It’s essentially all about standing in front of the mirror and relaying what you see.  When you look inward, trying to answer the question, ‘who am I?’  what comes to mind for you?

2-Leveraging various resources, people and tools to identify key components of who you are. This is all about using some really simple assessment tools to dig deeper into some of the questions above…especially as it relates to your skills and the things that motivate you.


Contact me for a complimentary coaching session to start your process of self-discovery, definition, and distinction.

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