LFF Distinction


Distinction=Legacy.  This is really what this face boils down to, simply put. . This might actually be the most critical phase of the personal brand building process because it is all about the footprint you’re intending to leave behind, the impact that you’re committed to having, the impression you want to have made that lives on in others-family, friends, admirers-long after you’re gone. It is completely tied to your purpose, to your reason for being in this world, the reason you’re still breathing…because you’re not done yet and the world still needs what you’ve got!

Fired up? Perfect! All you really want to think about through this phase is all that is unique about you.

1-What three characteristics truly set you apart from others?

2-Who is it that you’re committed to making the world a better place for?

3-Who or what group is it that you want to feel the impact of what you do in the here and now so that when you’re gone they’ll be able to reap the benefits even more so?


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